SQL SERVER – Configuring Startup Options for SQL Server Management Studio

Yesterday I started my day early to get to a gym. I know this was the first day and I had loads of work pending to be completed at work too. This got me busy and I started to drive my car, oblivious of the fact that I had to take a turn which I missed. Just while crossing the junction I realized I had missed it. It was a bad start to the day as I wasted 5 minutes to retrace back to the original route. On second thought, this mistake from my side got me thinking. My mind was tuned to specific routes and this is the same thought process that got me the inspiration to write this post. Let us learn how to configure startup options.

When I boot my computer, invariably the first program that gets initialized is SQL Server Management Studio. Often I am doing some testing for my clients, or I am preparing a script for a problem I recently encountered. Now these are basic tasks and I need to be operational as soon as I open SSMS.

I have been using this option on SSMS for a while and in a recent conference when I opened my SSMS and started working – one attendee walked to me and asked if I was using some trick. This got me thinking.

Configuring Startup Options

Normally, I see people opening up SSMS and once logged in they Open up a new query window. I have done optimization even for the login prompt. Read the blog – SQL Server – Using SSMS Commandline Parameters. Now that you have got rid of the Login prompt, let us see how the Query Window can be opened automatically.

Under the Options -> Startup -> At Startup -> Select “Open Object Explorer and query window” as shown in the figure below.

SQL SERVER - Configuring Startup Options for SQL Server Management Studio SSMS-startup-options-01

This option from your next SSMS initialization will get your environment ready for use in a single click. This is quite a handy option and I have been using the same for years now. I personally felt this needed a mention here. Do let me know if you have been using the same or is this the first time you are seeing this option? Let me know via comments your experience.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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