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It is not possible for every time to spend hours to learn something new. Honestly, I always preferred to learn in the smaller chunk as that gives me the ability to digest and try out what I have learned recently. Today I am going to discuss the new SQL in Sixty Seconds Videos which I have released. Let us learn about them together.

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Single Column Single Row and TABLE SCAN – SQL in Sixty Seconds #111

Can a single column and single row result do an entire table scan? I recently got this question in my  Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

Dirty Read with NOLOCK – Sixty Seconds #110

Recently I noticed that my client has been using the WITH NOLOCK hint with their queries and expecting that it will improve the queries performance.

Undo Human Errors in SQL Server – SQL in Sixty Seconds #109 – Point in Time Restore

In this blog post, we are going to talk about how to undo human errors in SQL Server with the help of Point in Time Recovery. Let us learn today.

Solve Puzzle about Data type – SQL in Sixty Seconds #108

A very interesting puzzle, where you see the data type conversion in action. I have previously blogged about this puzzle and had received amazing feedback.

Move TempDB for Performance – SQL in Sixty Seconds #107

We figured out that they had slow overall performance because they had TempDB located on the slow drive. Today we will learn how we can move TempDB.

Do MAX(col) Scan Table? – SQL in Sixty Seconds #106

While working on working on a Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check my client asked me – Do MAX(col) Scan Table? Let us learn about that today.

Rollback TRUNCATE – Script – SQL in Sixty Seconds #105

One of the most popular questions, I keep on receiving is that – Is it possible to Rollback Truncate operation? The answer is YES.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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