Install SQL Server Management Studio 2016 – SQL in Sixty Seconds #080

Earlier this week, I have published a blog post where I explained how to install SQL Server 2016. One of the most asked questions was Where is SQL Server Management Studio 2016? I totally understand why this particular question is being asked often. I have decided to create a video explaining the how to install SSMS 2016.

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In earlier version of SQL Server, while installing SQL Server Engine, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) was automatically installed along with the SQL Server Engine. Actually the installation of SSMS was one of the feature and was installed from the original media. This was very convenient most of the time when the user was installing SQL Server Engine for the first time and had media available along with him.

However, at the same time it was very not difficult for the user, who just want to install SSMS on their client machine. Not everyone who works with SQL Server needs SQL Server Engine installed on their machine, but most of the users do need SSMS installed on their machine to access their server. Now with beginning of SQL Server 2016, this particular issue is resolved as SQL Server Management Studio 2016 is available independently from SQL Server 2016 engine media.

I have earlier blogged about how to Install SQL Server Management Studio 2016 – Step by Step. I suggest that you read the blog post for necessary images. Additionally, Here is a quick video explaining how to install SSMS 2016.

Additionally, note that now you can Download SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition for FREE.

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  • I downloaded the latest version of Management Studio via the link, it’s great and a big improvement over previous versions but there are a couple of issues in that it thinks it’s the SQL Express version and so disables certain features (e.g. saving data imports and exports as SSIS packages) even though I’m using it connected to a 2012 Enterprise server. Is there anyway of switching the mode or do I have to install from somewhere else to get these parts working?


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