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We have focused a lot lately on this “superhero series.”  I love fantasy books and movies, and I feel like there is a lot to be learned from them.  As I am writing this series, though, I have noticed that every super hero I write about is a man.  So today, I would like to talk about the major female super hero – Wonder Woman.

Developers are mostly men.  It is a male-dominated field.  This is changing slowly, but I don’t think that means we should over-look Wonder Woman.  She had a lot of great powers that remind me of developers, and that we can all learn from.

So how are developers like Wonder Woman?

 Developer’s Life - Every Developer is a Wonder Woman wonderwoman

Well, read on my list of reasons.

Developer’s Read Ahead

Wonder Woman had telepathy.  She could hear what other people were thinking.  How many of us could use that power in our daily lives?  Developers often work with co-workers or clients who are not tech-savvy, and have a hard time expressing their needs and desires.  We might not be able to develop telepathy, but we can certainly try to see things from their point of view and try to understand their needs.


Wonder Woman’s main super-tool is the Lasso of Truth.  Once caught in it, super villains are forced to tell the truth.  It would be nice to have the Lasso of Truth in real life, but we also must consider ourselves bound by it, too.  Lying to get out of a difficult job is never good.  Lasso yourself and promise to be honest, always.

Super Speed

Wonder Woman had super speed.  Developers can also impress with their ability to finish tasks in an unbelievable amount of time.  It is never good to sacrifice quality for speed, but this is certainly a skill that reminds me of many developers I know!

Eagle Eyes

Wonder Woman had eagle eyes.  She could zoom in on details from far away and catch evil-doers.  Developers may not have binocular-like vision, but they often catch mistakes that untrained eyes would never see.

Developer Heals

Wonder Woman had amazing healing powers.  She was not a frail woman – she could recover from injury at lightning speed.  Developers do not often have physical jobs, so I am thinking about their abilities to recover after a particularly difficult project, and be so excited about solving the problem they are full of energy for the next one.

Wonder Woman was, well, a woman.  It is tough being the only woman/minority/tech guru in the room.  But no matter your reason for being the “odd man (or woman) out,” remember that your unique perspective brings something very important to your company.  Never underestimate yourself, and don’t let other’s forget your worth, either.

Wonder Woman has not had the same kind of popularity as many other super heroes, which I think is a shame because we can still learn a lot from her.  What are some of the powers you wish you had from Wonder Woman, or any other super hero?

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  • Wonder Woman
    July 20, 2014 4:59 pm

    Let me say they I enjoy your blog and have found it to be very informative. I am glad that you knowledged the lack of female developers and you are right the change is in demographic is very slow. My colleagues often refer to me as Wonder Woman because not only do I handle all things database but I also I a mother, wife, basketball coach etc.

  • Only a nerd can compare developers with Wonder Woman :-).


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