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“Everybody wants to make money and build a successful environment around and it is a universal truth my friend”, John mentioned to me while we were talking on Skype earlier this year.

Conversation: John and Pinal

Developer - How To Market Yourself as a Software Developer howtomarket John is the founder of and a very close friend of mine. We discuss pretty much anything and everything. He is from USA and I am from India, so our conversation usually starts either in the morning or evening, but it keeps on running for hours, thanks to our family who allows us to do this crazy long but productive talk.

When John said he has discovered how famous software developers make so much money, I found it very intriguing. I know John for many years, he does not do cheesy talk or say things without substance. I was wondering what would John do.

What would John do?

John had two options 1) He keeps this secret with him forever or 2) Tell his secret to the world. If you know John, you can easily guess that he is not going to keep quiet about it. He is going to make it public and make it universally accessible to the world. It is very similar to the publishing the books like Alchemist or The Secret or any other similar books. The author of those books does not keep the secret of success to themselves only. They share and make the secret a true instrument in people’s life.

As expected, John built a fine program of “How to Market Yourself as a Software Developer”. This is indeed a very interesting program as it is not a video, book, tutorial or any exercise file. It is the matter of the fact everything. John has not restricted the success story to a simple medium. He has let the story build around a concept and has not limited the potential of the program.

What did I do to help John?

Developer - How To Market Yourself as a Software Developer combo-image-john Nothing. We all have nothing to do to help John. This is not about John or Simple Programmer. It is about a program which tells and shares secrets of How to Market Yourself as a Software Developer. We all are a software developer and we all are successful in our own field. When I say We – this also includes YOU too. Think about it, are not you successful in what you do? You absolutely are. We all have done something right in our past or present. We all have secrets which are not shared with the world.

Just like that, John has compiled his own success story with many other’s success stories and build this program. I think it is a story build with the experience of the many real software developer who has achieved something in their life.

What NEXT?

Join the program. I am sure there are plenty of things which you know, I should know to be more efficient and successful. Similarly, there are plenty of things other knows, but you need to learn to be more successful in your career. Why not learn it from each other. I will be interested to know your thoughts about how can I be more successful.

Secret Code

If you want to join the program. Here is the secret code I have got from John. You can go to the link to join the program. The program cost USD 299 however, when you use the secret code (secret code is limited – send me email at, you will get a discount of USD 100 (that is 33% to the MRP). You will have instantly access to the entire package immediately as well as 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

What are you waiting for?

Reference: Pinal Dave (

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  • I stumbled across this course while looking for ideas/solutions to the exact problem it addresses. I’ve always been a person who struggles with work, life and the worklife I want to have. I’m always teetering at the edge of being successful enough and having the kind of success I dream about. I’m finding the information provided by John to be inspirational and it has helped me map out an execution plan to get where I want to be. Thanks!

    • Thanks David,

      I truly appreciate your comments.

      • Hi Pinal I also want to go for the same as you start and if possible would like to Introduce myself as a nice Developer in near future
        Henceforth, I f possible keep in touch with me And guide me as I already have been Registered on MVA and other Microsoft sites.

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