Professional Development – Dr W. Edwards Deming’s 14 Principles on Total Quality Management

Professional Development - Dr W. Edwards Deming's 14 Principles on Total Quality Management deming I was just reading Dr. W. Edwards Demings 14 principles of Total Quality Management. It is indeed very impressive and interesting. I have tried to collect a few of the important resources related to the same over here.

Dr. Demings’s 14 principles

  1. Create a constant purpose toward improvement
  2. Adopt the new philosophy
  3. Cease dependence on mass inspection
  4. Use a single supplier for any one item
  5. Improve every process
  6. Create training on the job
  7. Adopt and institute leadership aimed at helping people do a better job
  8. Drive out fear
  9. Break down barriers between departments
  10. Get rid of unclear slogans
  11. Eliminate arbitrary numerical targets
  12. Permit pride of workmanship
  13. Implement education and self-improvement
  14. Make transformation everyone’s job

Here are few other interesting resources related to Dr. W Edwards Demings

  • Wikipedia page (Link)
  • Original White Paper with 14 Key Principles (Link)
  • Original Website of Demings Institute (Link)
  • SlideShare PPT (Link)

Here is the Official YouTube channel of Demings Institute. They have excellent videos and I strongly encourage everyone to view them. Additionally, here is the famous Deming’s Red Bead Experiment Video.

Before I end the post I would like to include the video of Daniel Pink who has authored books Drive, which is very motivational book and often time I felt it resonated with the same message as Dr. Demings. This video is from TED presentation of Dan where he discussed The Puzzle of Motivation.

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