MySQL – Download MySQL Workbench Shortcut in PDF

MySQL - Download MySQL Workbench Shortcut in PDF shortcuts MySQL Workbench is default IDE for MySQL and it is available to download for free on MySQL’s website. It is a fully featured IDE with three major sections. 1) SQL Development 2) SQL Administration and 3) Data Modeling. Each section is quite big on its own.  There are plenty of different shortcuts to do various tasks in MySQL Workbench. I have decided to build a cheat sheet for MySQL Workbench which contains all the workbench shortcuts for the MySQL Workbench. You can print it and keep it in your work desk-wall and refer to it whenever you are using Workbench. Initially, it will be difficult to remember all the shortcuts, but as you keep on using them, you will remember the major shortcuts which you use in your daily life. This will be indeed productivity boost for your daily database tasks.

Download MySQL Workbench Shortcut in PDF

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