Big Data – Beginning Big Data Series Next Month in 21 Parts

Big Data is the next big thing. There was a time when we used to talk in terms of MB and GB of the data. However, the industry is changing and we are now moving to a conversation where we discuss about data in Petabyte, Exabyte and Zettabyte. It seems that the world is now talking about increased Volume of the data. In simple world we all think that Big Data is nothing but plenty of volume. In reality Big Data is much more than just a huge volume of the data. When talking about the data we need to understand about variety and volume along with volume. Though Big data look like a simple concept, it is extremely complex subject when we attempt to start learning the same.

My Journey

I have recently presented on Big Data in quite a few organizations and I have received quite a few questions during this roadshow event. I have collected all the questions which I have received and decided to post about them on the blog. In the month of October 2013, on every weekday we will be learning something new about Big Data. Every day I will share a concept/question and in the same blog post we will learn the answer of the same.

Big Data - Beginning Big Data Series Next Month in 21 Parts bigdata-foto

Big Data – Plenty of Questions

I received quite a few questions during my road trip. Here are few of the questions.

  • I want to learn Big Data – where should I start?
  • Do I need to know SQL to learn Big Data?
  • What is Hadoop?
  • There are so many organizations talking about Big Data, and every one has a different approach. How to start with big Data?
  • Do I need to know Java to learn about Big Data?
  • What is different between various NoSQL languages.

I will attempt to answer most of the questions during the month long series in the next month.

Big Data – Big Subject

Big Data is a very big subject and I no way claim that I will be covering every single big data concept in this series. However, I promise that I will be indeed sharing lots of basic concepts which are revolving around Big Data. We will discuss from fundamentals about Big Data and continue further learning about it. I will attempt to cover the concept so simple that many of you might have wondered about it but afraid to ask.

Your Role!

During this series next month, I need your one help. Please keep on posting questions you might have related to big data as blog post comments and on Facebook Page. I will monitor them closely and will try to answer them as well during this series.

Now make sure that you do not miss any single blog post in this series as every blog post will be linked to each other. You can subscribe to my feed or like my Facebook page or subscribe via email (by entering email in the blog post).

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  • I have a related question. Will Big Data and denormalization of databases make SQL obsolete?

  • Hi Pinal,
    It is very good idea.. Most of the companies are doing R&D on BigData.. Its a peek time to know about BigData.. Thanks a lot…
    One more request is :
    Can you share QlikView related posts on your blog?

  • Thank you! This is what i was looking for and even i was also looking for the answer for the question you have posted in the blog. Hope your 21 series will be so informative.

  • Hi Pinal,

    I am working on SQL Server 2008 – R2. I want to do certification.So will it worth to do certification in 2008 or should I go with 2012?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Hi Pinal
    Thanks to start such series on Big Data really its a hot topic now market with glorious future, your blog will help me and us a lot to learn it.
    My problem related with my next step on big data career. I like to work with Microsoft technologies but for profession have worked for 3 years on SAP BI and 4 years on .Net with MS SQL Server. Now I have chance to learn big data with SAP HANA and SQL Server. Personally I am much interested on SQL Server as I like MS Tech and SAP HANA is totally new things in market so it needs to prove itself first to get stable market.
    Now I need to choose one from SAP HANA and SQL Server BI and other new parts. What is your suggestion to choose based on market demand technology and work opportunity for coming future?

  • Thanks for ur initiative to provide knowledge on BigDATA…

  • hello pinal,
    can you please guide me which is a better option for a 4 yr old dba to choose which big data. i have worked on .net and sql server mostly and i am not sure will which big data i shud learn … please guide

  • Bibhudutta Pradhan
    October 1, 2013 5:50 pm

    Pinal, you read my mind. Thanks for this series :)

  • Hi Pinal, Great job. Thanks for sharing on bigdata concept.
    Is BigData similar to other datawarehouse products exists in market. or is it standalone tool.

  • Pinal, always you have come up with help when needed! Thanks in advance. Please suggest for pre requisites before this series starts.


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