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Recently I was preparing for Big Data and I ended up on very interesting read for everybody. This is created by Microsoft and it is indeed a fantastic read as per my opinion. It took me some time to read this entire book but it was worth reading this as it tried to answer two of the very interesting questions related to muscle.

Here is the abstract from the book:

Organizations seeking to use a NoSQL database are therefore faced with a twofold challenge:

• Which NoSQL database(s) best meet(s) the needs of the organization?
• How does an organization integrate a NoSQL database into its solutions?

As I keep on reading the book, I find it very interesting and informative. I suggest if you have time this weekend, download the book and read it. This guide focuses on the most common types of NoSQL database currently available, describes the situations for which they are most suited, and shows examples of how you might incorporate them into a business application. The guide summarizes the experiences of a fictitious organization named Adventure Works, who implemented a solution that comprised an assortment of different databases.

Download Data Access for HighlyScalable Solutions:  Using SQL, NoSQL,  and Polyglot Persistence

While we are talking about Big Data and NoSQL do not forget to check out my tomorrow’s blog as I am going to talk about the same subject and it will be very interesting.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hey this is really good book for understanding NoSQL and comparing with RDBMS solutions. Thanks for linking.


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