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I have been blogging for more than 6.5 years and I have so far written over 2500 articles on this blog and every blog has been journey itself. Over six years I have not missed any single blog and no matter what happens I keep on blogging every day, month after month and year after year. This demonstrates how much I love to blog and engage with all of you. I honestly love all of you and respect a lot when you engage with me on this blog.

During this journey, one of the most common suggestion I received was that I should write about how to build a successful blog. I have been delaying to write this subject for a long time, the reason was simple – I still see that I have a long way to go before I call myself successful.

Short Life Span

However, every single day I see new blogs coming up and some of them are so good that I immediately subscribe to them. Today when I go back to the my subscription list, I see out of the big list there are very few blogs are active. Some of the blogs are deserted and some of them are just dead. There are few blogs so good that I really wish the author was still engaged on the blog and writing the interesting content everyday.

Due to any reason I see not all great blog continuing their journey. The most common reason I see is that blog author has lost motivation to write due to lack of interest or getting busy in their other daily activities. Here is my question to you – if we can clean our teeth everyday, why can’t we blog everyday?

Recent Motivation

In the month of February I attended Pluralsight Author Summit. On the very last day at the event, I went to Snow Basin for skiing. Well, I do not know skiing but it is indeed fun to hang around with friends. During the  event, Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard suggested that I should write a blog about how to build a successful blog as it many would be interested in reading about the secret behind building such a large audience and interesting stories. I absolutely see reason and logic behind what Aaron suggested and I decided to build a video course over this subject.

Building a Successful Blog

Here is the link to Pluralsight Course Building a Successful Blog. There are a total of six modules in this course. I have carefully build each module keeping beginners and experts both in mind. Each module attempts to answers questions for beginners as well as expert in this field. Blogging is such a wide area that it is hard to know everything for everybody. During my journey of over six years I believe there are so many lessons that I have just learned in my recent years. My goal is that I give everything I know to the community and later community can build their own successful blog on the lessons and learning I have shared to them.

Here are modules of the Pluralsight Course Building a Successful Blog

  • Introduction
  • Blogging Concepts, Ideas and Motives
  • Getting Started with Blogging
  • Writing an Interesting Blog
  • Blogging Rules, Ethics and Etiquette
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Checklist for Building successful Blog

In the next week, I will be discussing writing one blog post for each of the subject to touch base about them. I will give a quick insight about the content which I have covered in the course. I will be linking each of the above topics as blog posts are published on the blog.

If you’re still curious about blogs and blogging, check out my course on Pluralsight!

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