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I write a lot about how important learning and training is.  Any of my readers will know that I think the key to success is staying current with your education and taking very opportunity to increase your “tool kit” of skills.  I hope that I have not made the impression that it is all in the employees hands to make sure they are happy and satisfied at their jobs.

I also firmly believe that a good boss will make good employees.  A boss who is good at communicating,  and leading, who knows how to nip problem in the bud and allocate resources wisely will have a well-oiled machine.  This means happy employees and a great work environment.

SQLAuthority News - A Quick Note on @Pluralsight Video - Call Me Maybe Developer Way callmemaybe

It is important to have a healthy work environment because you will not succeed without one.  Successful business will always have the type of environment that fosters creativity and has efficient employees.  A healthy environment doesn’t force employees to produce results, but allows them to progress and create the results themselves.

The result of a healthy work environment is that employees will enjoy their work and then work harder.  This can bring the company more revenue, and hopefully the employees will see the result of their hard work in bonuses and raises.  However, money is important but it is certainly secondary – the important part is the dedication of the employees to their work and to their company.  This is the true key to success.

Any employee who recognizes this description as their working environment should consider themselves fortunate.  They are allowed to grow and do better, and employees being treated fairly can be a rarity in this world.  One company that I believe adheres to this principle is Pluralsight – as evidenced by this fun video. I have blogged about it earlier. (check out my cameo at 0:37).

It was great fun to work with the employees at Pluralsight while making this video.  They are a great bunch and clearly have a great work environment – we wouldn’t have had this much fun if not!  I have to tell you a little bit about making this video.  My wife shot it with her mobile phone, which was certainly a different but exciting experience!  It was hard to get the look of the video right, since I was trying to portray a body builder – this was a little outside of my own personal experience.  I have what I like to call a “healthy” body type, so trying to look extremely fit like some of the other “actors” in this video was a challenge – but I do hope that you all think I succeeded.  All in all, it was great fun to participate in this video and I hope to see my friends at Pluralsight again soon.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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