SQLAuthority News – Weekend Experiment with NuoDB – Points to Pondor and Whitepaper

This weekend I have downloaded the latest beta version of NuoDB. I found it much improved and better UI. I was very much impressed as the installation was very smooth and I was up and running in less than 5 minutes with the product. The tools which are related to the Administration of the NuoDB seems to get makeover during this beta release. As per the claim they support now Solaris platform and have improved the native MacOS installation. I neither have Mac nor Solaris – I wish I would have experimented with the same. I will appreciate if anyone out there can confirm how the installations goes on these platforms.

I have previously blogged about my experiment with NuoDB here:

SQLAuthority News - Weekend Experiment with NuoDB - Points to Pondor and Whitepaper question-mark-g I am very impressed with the product so far and I have decided to understand the product further deep. Here are few of the questions which I am going to try to find answers with regards to NuoDB. Just so it is clear – NuoDB is not NOSQL, matter of the fact, it is following all the ACID properties of the database.

  • If ACID properties are crucial why many NoSQL products are not adhering to it? (There are few out there do follow ACID but not all).
  • I do understand the scalability of the database however does elasticity is crucial for the database and if yes how? (Elasticity is where the workload on the database is heavily fluctuating and the need of more than a single database server is coming up).
  • How NuoDB has built scalable, elastic and 100% ACID compliance database which supports multiple platforms?
  • How is NOSQL compared to NuoDB’s new architecture?

In the next coming weeks, I am going to explore above concepts and dive deeper into the understanding of the same. Meanwhile I have read following white paper written by Experts at University of California at Santa Barbara. Very interesting read and great starter on the subject Database Scalability, Elasticity, and Autonomy in the Cloud.

Additionally, my questions are also talking about NoSQL, this weekend I have started to learn about NoSQL from Pluralsight’s online learning library. I will share my experience very soon.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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