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I have always enjoyed learning about Fast Track Data Warehousing Technology. The goal of a Fast Track Data Warehouse reference architecture is to achieve an efficient resource balance between SQL Server data processing capability and realized component hardware throughput.

Recently Fast Track Data Warehouse Reference Architecture is updated for SQL Server 2012. Here are the changes in the FT 4.0.

SQL Server 20124.0Links to other SQL Server Best Practices documents
SQL Server 20124.0Benchmarking and validation
SQL Server 20124.0Memory requirements
SQL Server 20124.0xVelocity memory-optimized columnstore indexes
SQL Server 20124.0Solid state storage
SQL Server 20124.0Validation and columnstore indexes
SQL Server 20124.0Validation of baseline I/O


Fast Track Data Warehouse Reference Guide for SQL Server - SQLAuthority News ft40-800x453

following are key principles of the Fast Track program:

  • Workload-specific benchmarks. System design and configuration are based on real concurrent query workloads.
  • Detailed and validated hardware component specifications.
  • Component architecture balance between database capability and key hardware resources.

Please read the complete whitepaper over here.

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