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Every day we learn something new and we come across something which we like to read. I had decided to keep a log of things what I do during whole day. Here are few updates which I think you will find it interesting. This updates are in no specific order.

Comment by David Bridge on SQL SERVER – Effect of SET NOCOUNT on @@ROWCOUNT
David has written comment and clarified the message which I wanted to pass while writing blog post. I wish I had written the statement “NOCOUNT statement only affects the information messages and not the DML statement results ” which he wrote effortlessly in comment. Thanks David.

Blog by Vinod Kumar on SQL Server RC0 Resources
Vinod Kumar compiles the exhausting list of links and resources that might be of some interest to you on SQL Server 2012 RC0.

SQL Saturday 116
SQL Server 116 is here in India. This is going to very first SQL Saturday in India. Here are various links related to SQL Saturday 116.

Excellent Best Practices article by Aaron Bertrand
Aaron has written excellent timeless article on SQL Server Best Practices. If you have not read it earlier, well you read it now.

Just learned from Madhivanan – SSMS Allows you to ask a question in the MSDN forum directly from SSMS
I really loved this simple trick. I did know this earlier and I have now just learned.

SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers on Kindle
Our new book SQL Server Questions and Answers is now available on Kindle at special rate for this month.

Pluralsight SQL Server training courses by Dan Sullivan
I have so far attended every single course created by Dan on Pluralsight and find it very informative.

Well, these are my top 7 updates of yesterday.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)


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  • SQL Saturday i think is great concept and offers a nice platform for one to learn about different topics within SQL Server. I got the opportunity to attend SQL Saturday events in the USA, they were really good and fun events. The quality of speakers and the content presented is really good. I got to meet some folks who were very passionate about SQL Server.Have Fun…


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