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SQLAuthority News - Various Ways to Stay in Touch with SQLAuthority.com - Best Practices contactus Social Media is growing and quite commonly we reach to the point where we have confusion about the various aspects of the same. I have written a previous article on this subject SQLAuthority News – Social Media Confusion – Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Me. I am present and active at so many spots that many wonder on how to approach me. I have decided to create this blog post, which will serve as a quick guide for others regarding how to stay in touch with SQLAuthority.com

My Personal Coordinates

  • Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/pinaldave
  • Facebook:
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pinaldave
  • Email: pinal ‘at’ SQLAuthority.com

Blog Coordinates

My Preference for Facebook

SQLAuthority News - Various Ways to Stay in Touch with SQLAuthority.com - Best Practices facebook-logo I am very active on Facebook. I think the Facebook page is great way to stay connected with everyone. I check my Facebook page once in every 2 hours during the day. I want to make sure that no comments left on the Facebook are missed. I often post or blog various events related to the SQL Server. I think Facebook comments give us a structured communication medium. There are so many topics that we discuss on Facebook.

For example,

What are we going to learn on today?
What is going on in the SQL Server World around the globe?
Where I am I speaking next?
Where can you find more details about various SQL Servers?

I always announce all my upcoming news first on my Facebook page. I consider every fan and friend on the Facebook page as very special. Earlier, we had done a special exclusive competition on Facebook page, where we had gave away a lot of gifts.

Office Hours

Every week, I observe office hours on my Facebook page, where I am available to answer any SQL Server-related question. We actively communicate during this hour. The best part is that there are so much conversation going on at the same time, and the learning experience goes to next level ‑ so many questions and so many real answers in 60 minutes.

My Preference for Twitter

SQLAuthority News - Various Ways to Stay in Touch with SQLAuthority.com - Best Practices twitter-logo I currently follow many people on Twitter, and I enjoy reading the information shared on twitter. However, Twitter can be considered like a river; so, I often miss lots of things. If you want to draw my attention to something, then please include @pinaldave or #SQLAuthority somewhere in the email; this way, I will get an email of the same in my mailbox, and I will surely read the comments.

I often post my new activities and interesting finds on my Twitter. I do not consider Twitter as a marketing channel; so I always make sure that I write all of my tweets myself. If you are following me on Twitter, then only tweet you will which are automated contains information regarding my blog and link to my blog.

You can always ask me any question on Twitter, and I always make sure that I respond to it. I often RT tweets, which I find interesting in my river of tweets. If your tweet is during the time when I have not keep my Twitter page open, then I may miss your tweet. This does not mean that your tweet was not interesting and I ignored it. If you want me to read your tweet, then you can always mention my name or send me an email directly.

I open Twitter in the morning and evening for couple of hours. During the work hours, I usually keep off Twitter  as it can be a distraction.

My Preference for LinkedIn

SQLAuthority News - Various Ways to Stay in Touch with SQLAuthority.com - Best Practices linkedin LinkedIn is my professional network, and I often participate in questions and answers as well in the groups. I do not post personal posts in this network and keep the communication totally work related and professional. If you have any question regarding the blog, I suggest you go with the Facebook page or contact page on the SQLAuthority blog.

My Preference for Email

SQLAuthority News - Various Ways to Stay in Touch with SQLAuthority.com - Best Practices email No matter how much ever we grow our social media network, Email still seems to be the most preferred method. I get more than 300 emails every day on various subjects. This 300+ does not include any work email, personal email, or emails from my close friends. These emails are from various people who have questions for SQL Server or technology in general. I always make sure that I answer any email in 24 hours.

I have created my own deadlines to answer emails. Let me just quickly share with you.

  • Family, Friends and Work: 2 Hours
  • Questions related to Books: 8 Hours
  • Questions related to Blog: 8 Hours
  • Other: 24 Hours

If you do not get answer from me in 24 hours, which means your post has either hit my spam folder or just got lost in cyberspace. When your first email is delivered to spam your subsequent emails may be delivered to spam as well. I suggest you try alternative method to contact me in this case. I suggest facebook page as next method to communicate with me.

While asking question through Email

Sometime I get questions that have very little information. If you have any question related to the SQL Server, I suggest you include as much as information you can instead of just sending me an email suggesting ‘help me’. Here is the list of the few things that I would like to see in any email query.

  • SQL Server Version
  • Screenshot of the error
  • Issue you are facing
  • Expected result
  • Current result
  • Recent changes in server/configuration or anything else

Instant Communication / Messengers

Many have figured out my messenger id by trying my username at various communicators. I often get pinged asking for help. I use the messenger mainly for friends and family. I always politely answer each of the messenger pop-ups and forward them to any of the abovementioned communication media. It will be of immense help if you email me when you have an urgent question. I assure you that I will do my best. I have a family, job and other priorities. All the social media communication channels give me time to answer the questions when I am free; however, instant messages can create interruption.

Stay updated

There are cases when you just wanted to stay updated with what is happening with SQL Server and SQLAuthority.


If you are using the RSS reader, I suggest that you subscribe my Feed in your RSS reader. Most of the RSS readers provide facilities to reply right back to the blog author or go to comments page.


If you do not prefer the RSS reader and prefer to go our good old email way, then you can subscribe to my newsletter over here. This will ensure that the emails directly reach your mailbox. You can hit reply and reach me ‑ write away!


If all of these sound too complicated, then just get in touch with me any way you prefer. I am here to help you always!

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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