SQL SERVER – expressor Studio Includes Powerful Scripting Capabilities

One of the major problems in developing a data integration application is writing transformation code.  Many tools try to meet this need by providing a large number of operators that minimize coding through configuration.

Specialized operators are fine for basic transformations, but most ETL transformations require logic specific to the particular application.  For that, tools resort to full featured coding tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio.  expressor software has taken a different approach.  The expressor Studio tool provides a light-weight scripting language called expressor Datascript and integrates an editing environment into each programmable operator. These tools allow development of transformation scripts of any level of complexity within the same interface.

As with any powerful programming language, expressor Datascript includes the ability to define and initialize variables, to control logic through if..then..else, while..do, repeat..until structures, to repeatedly run a block of code within a for loop, and to manipulate complex data formats. Extensive documentation for beginning to advanced programmers makes it easy to write specialized functions and to use the many functions built into expressor Datascript.

The expressor Studio interface simplifies script writing by putting functions and expression operators at the user’s fingertips in the Transform Editor.

SQL SERVER – expressor Studio Includes Powerful Scripting Capabilities ec1

Visual mapping aids creation of transformations, and the pre-structured assignment statement provides a starting point for the script. The expressor Studio also includes type-completion features to make it even easier to select and layout scripts.

SQL SERVER – expressor Studio Includes Powerful Scripting Capabilities ec2

Using expressor Datascript’s built-in functions, complex transformations can be written in the assignment statement. For example, this conditional statement uses the expressor Datascript decision function to perform multiple comparisons similar to an if..elseif..else code block.

SQL SERVER – expressor Studio Includes Powerful Scripting Capabilities ec3

Despite its complexity, this above statement was written entirely by selecting function names from drop down lists and simply entering the arguments to each of the nested functions.

SQL SERVER – expressor Studio Includes Powerful Scripting Capabilities ec4

The expressor Transform Editor also provides a pallet for writing customized functions and script structures that cannot be written, or the user does not want to write, in a single statement.

expressor’s scripting capabilities are quite powerful and available as part of their free expressor Studio application.   I encourage you to check out expressor’s product if you haven’t done so already.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • DI tools so funny =)

    Drag and drop interface and nothing more

    For me it only helps to understand (and some times control) work flow and nothing more.

    Poor perfomance and Stupid code generation they are friends of all DI tools.

    I looked at demo on expressor Studio, SCD2 with 4 customers. It’s not a good Idea to show video like there for the “Industrial” DI Tools. They have to show performance on 10 000 000 customers. If they use PER ROW UPDATE it will look funny…

  • Hi,
    Is the expressor studio a replacement for SSIS.

    Thank you

  • Hi Pinal Dave,

    It is clear you are a fan of Expressor, and a very well written blog, I must say!

    How do you rate it to other ETL tools? It is certainly less expensive than the “big” names, but does it have the same functionality? If not, what does it lack? Does it really simplify the whole ETL process the way they seem to advertise with the semantic layer?


  • Anirban Mukherjee
    March 19, 2013 9:21 pm

    Can you tell me how can I duplicate a record based on a column say “count” in Expressor?

  • I want to know the all process of expressor tool.

  • How to use update query in expressor studio tool.

    It is very urgent to implement.Please provide solutions as possible.


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