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I have been looking for good tutorial for Sync Framework for SQL Server. There was quite a bit demand of the product. I have received quite a few request as well. I finally found good list of the link of Sync Framework. The links are listed below.

I have found above links from the document Sync Framework for SQL Azure.

The document talks about sync framework and also included supplemented links. Following is the abstract of the document.

SQL Azure Database is a cloud database service from Microsoft. SQL Azure provides Web-facing database functionality as a utility service. Cloud-based database solutions such as SQL Azure can provide many benefits, including rapid provisioning, cost-effective scalability, high availability, and reduced management overhead. This document is not intended to provide comprehensive information about Sync Framework. The intent is to provide best practices on synchronizing SQL Azure with SQL Server, and to supplement the information available at the links in the References section.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Thank You for this valuable information. If I hadn’t read it on your blog, I’d ‘ve never known about MS synch framework for a long long time.

  • hey cab somone breifly tell me what exactly is sql microsft sync framework and how exactly it works with sql

  • Hi Sourabh,

    SQL Azure data sync framework is to sync the data between Onpremise SQL DB to the SQL Azure DB.

    You dont have high availability concepts in SQl Azure, but you need data which ever you have in SQl Azure to your local db (Onpremise db) , so azure team has implemeted SQl azure data sync API to do this task.

    If you need more information on this, please let me know I will help you in this regard.


  • I’m not sure this is appropriate for Sync Framework but would appreciate your insight. I’m a developer and working in a company that has one large, mission critical application using, unfortunately a poorly modeled, de-normalized SQL Server DB. I’d like to remodel the DB for new apps and replicate or sync between the old model and new…eventually replacing all the old functionality with new. Would Sync Framework be a good tool for this?



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