SQLAuthority News – Keeping Your Ducks in a Row

Last year during my visit to SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 2 I have received ducks from the event. Well during the same event I had learned from Jonathan Kehayias the saying of ‘Keeping Your Ducks in a Row‘. The most popular theory suggests that “ducks in a row” came from the world of sports, specifically bowling. Early bowling pins were often shorter and thicker than modern pins, which lead to the nickname ducks. Before the advent of automatic resetting machines, these “duck pins” would be manually put back into place between bowling rounds. Therefore, having one’s ducks in a row would be a metaphor for having all of the bowling pins organized and properly placed before sending the next ball down the lane.

I had received these ducks at PASS event from Idera booth. Idera is known for creating management tools for SQL Server, Sharepoint and Powershell. When I brought back ducks to my home, they become instantly popular with my young daughter Shaivi. She loves the ducks and will start crying if I try to take away. She  is fond of paying with them at almost all the time. In fact, just few days ago, she toddled to pick up the ducks which were at a bit distant I jumped with joy. I must express my special thanks to Idera for gifting me ducks.

SQLAuthority News - Keeping Your Ducks in a Row ShaiviFriends1
Shaivi with her cute friends
SQLAuthority News - Keeping Your Ducks in a Row ShaiviFriends2
Shaivi with her cute friends
SQLAuthority News - Keeping Your Ducks in a Row ShaiviFriends3
Shaivi with her cute friends

Being MVP I have free access to Idera tools. I am going to download the Idera’s Virtual Database and going experiment with them. Does any of you have experience with Virtual Database tool? I am looking for some insight before I start testing out the tool.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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