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Microsoft India has organized a premier online technical event Microsoft Virtual TechDays between August 19-21, 2009. I had presented two technical sessions and they were greatly received by audience. I had received 50+ request for providing PPT for all the attendees. It was great FREE event and I suggest that everybody should have attended the event. While I was at Bangalore, I had great time meeting fellow experts and top evangelist from Microsoft.

Presenting online event is totally different experience than presenting in front of real people in User Groups. In user group meeting  it is very easy to get feedback from users regarding if they have understood the subject or not. However, on online presentation event, it is difficult to figure sense that if users are able to understand the concept or not. Well, this really tests speaker’s skill regarding understanding the technical subject and speaking ability.

Vinod Kumar who is one of the top evangelist of India, who is working for Microsoft also taught me some of the good tips about how to use Live Meetings and do effective presentation online. Thanks Vinod!

Overall, I enjoyed a big and hope to have future VTech Sessions. As per my knowledge Microsoft will soon put all the PPTs as well the recorded sessions online. This way, if you have not attended the session earlier, you can still get the complete feeling for the same.

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Renuka, Pinal, Vinod, Vic

Abstract of the two sessions, which I presented at Virtual TechDays are here.

SQL Server 2008: High Availability with SQL Server 2008 – “When, what where and how?
Often in implementing High-Availability (HA) options with SQL Server we have seen people confuse it with DR options. This sessions brings out the practical things to consider using HA options and some of the core features introduced with SQL Server 2008 which makes some of the HA options so compelling for Enterprises to use. HA options can be used in various mix-and-match flavors and this session shows how a combination can get compelling architectures one can implement.

SQL Server 2008 – Performance tuning – Learn the techniques of the master for server tuning
If your system has a performance problem, how do you know whether the problem lies in the application or the database? You need a tool that will let you view interactions between the application and the database, and that’s where Microsoft SQL Server Profiler and a number of other tools comes in. In this webcast, we’ll take a look at some common problems (with CPU, Memory, Network, Storage etc) and teach you how to analyze those tricky performance problems that lie somewhere between the application and the database but the components that surround them.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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