SQL SERVER – What is Your Favorite Database? – Poll Continuous

I have published SQL Server Poll about What is Your Favorite Database? to get feedback from readers of this blog about what is their favorite database. I have received so far tremendous response. This poll will continue through out this month and will close on 1st of April. I will post all the statistic once the poll is over. I encourage all of you to spread the word about it to different channels, blogs, linked list and emails.

It is not only important to vote for your favorite database but it is equally important to leave comment justifying why and which is your favorite database. I do have received some criticism on the poll. Some asked as this blog is only SQL Server focused the poll will not get good results. I suggest that this blog is for all the developer who are using SQL. So far I have received quite good response from different database users.I am also asked about title of the poll. Some think it should be “What is your favorite RDBMS?”. My response to that is yes I agree at certain level. I have thought for long time before I selected this generic question. I did have received some of the responses  in other section which are not RDBMS so I think my title is fine as it is.

There are some really good comments why one of the database is preferable over other database. I encourage all of my readers to participate in original blog and leave your comment there. There is a award of USB drive but if you are not interested in winning USB drive, please just say so in comment but do not hesitate to participate in the poll.

I have some of the initial result from voting, which I am displaying here however, this is not final result and it can change based on users feedback.

Please vote for your favorite database.

SQL SERVER - What is Your Favorite Database? - Poll Continuous favdb
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Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Judging from the audience this website caters to… What else could we have expected?

    This poll surely can’t be taken as a reflection of the realities (the broad-based preferences).

    Thanks though

  • @Cyril

    “Judging from the audience this website caters to… What else could we have expected?”

    I think Pinal is asking people who use SQL Server. Which has two groups. One, those who use it exclusively. Two, those who use others as well.

    For those who use it exclusively, it says they are happy with what it has and have no need to look elsewhere. For those who use others as well, it gives a better showing. In both cases, it states whether SQL Server can do the job, and i think that is what Pinal is after.

  • Steve Rezhener
    March 13, 2009 1:29 am


    Absolutely agree with both of you – this poll may need to be renamed to “Are you satisfied with your SQL Server?”
    Read the first sentence of this page – absolutely hilarious
    “I have published ->SQL Server PollFavorite Database<-?”
    It’s like kind of reminding you which one is the favorite one in case that you forgot :)

    No offense Pinal.

  • what size USB drive is it?


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