The Poll – What is Your Favorite Database?

What is Your Favorite Database?

I have been hearing so many different answers to questions of favorite database. I would like to know what is favorite database of readers. I encourage all of you to participate in this poll. It is very quick poll and takes a second.

A gift of the USB drive will be provided to user who will also add comment discussing this subject matter. I encourage to send emails to your friends to participate in the poll. I am hopping this poll becomes landmark poll for people who are finding answers to favorite database.

The Poll - What is Your Favorite Database? pollresult

The above poll is now closed and we can clearly see that SQL Server is the clear winner of this poll. I was personally very happy to see SQL Server leading this poll as that has been my primary focus all these years.

You can also see that I do consultancy in SQL Server and here are the links for the same.

Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check

SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop

Let me know what if you need any help with SQL Server and I will be happy to provide you the same. Leave your comments.

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  • Suresh Kumar
    March 2, 2010 3:20 am

    SQL server is the way to go.
    From cost, to ease of install, to ease of development, to support….it beats Oracle hand down.

    Now, from what I know, large databases (that most of us do not work on, such as Financal Systems or Major ERP systems) Oracle is more efficient.

    We are working on a Healthcare software/service startup and our choice was clearly SQL Server. Because it was cheaper, more compatible (I think) to web applications and certainly a lot cheaper to support on the long run.

    Have a great day

    p.s. Pinal, you are da man. I absolutely love your blogs. Very informative. Cheers mate!

  • Sql server because of its flexibility and simplicity.


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