SQLAuthority News – Ahmedabad User Group Meeting February 21 2009

We had Ahmedabad SQL Server User Group meeting on February 21, 2009 and it was wonderful to see so many people showing up for meeting. Gradually our group is growing and more and more developers and DBA are showing up.

We had two session in this meeting. From the feedback which we have received I can say that it went excellent and developer loved it. In fact there was request to repeat similar kind of sessions to continue.

We had started the session little earlier based on attendee’s feedback at 6:15. The agenda of our meeting today was as following.

Interesting Observation – SQL Server Index Usage – Pinal Dave (SQL Server MVP)
Working with IDENTITY values in SQL Server – Jacob Sebastian (SQL Server MVP)

Those who could not be present in this session really missed today’s session as both of the sessions were very interactive. If you missed my session and would like to get more information about it I suggest to read following article which I have written as it was based on it.

In my session I had covered the topic of SQL SERVER – Observation – Effect of Clustered Index over Nonclustered Index. Query optimization is one art which is difficult to master. Just like any other art this requires creativity and imagination as well understanding of subject matter. Take a look at interesting observation which I came across and send me email if you have any questions.

The most interactive session we had from our UG President Jacob Sebastian. He came up with 65 quiz questions from the subject of IDENTITY. It was amazing that he was came up with 65 questions and answers from subject IDENTITY and kept all the crowd interested through out the end. When session began we all thought that we will get almost all the answers correct as we have all used IDENTITY very well, however as quiz progressed we all realized that there were so many things which we all learnt from this session. Developers who attended this session requested to repeat similar kind of session.

Another announcement which we had that Tejas Shah who is one enthusiastic individual and expert in .NET and C# is taking over the position of UG Co-ordinator and Webmaster for Ahmedabad UG. We also had announcement of Free Technet subscription in UG Meeting.

SQLAuthority News - Ahmedabad User Group Meeting February 21 2009 DSC03245
Pinal Dave
SQLAuthority News - Ahmedabad User Group Meeting February 21 2009 DSC03265
Jacob Sebastian
SQLAuthority News - Ahmedabad User Group Meeting February 21 2009 DSC03273
User Group

I suggest all of my readers to present for next UG meeting. We will see if we can do live streaming of the sessions from here.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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    I am a Dotnet developer from Noida near New Delhi.
    As a developer i have to closely work with Sql Server along with dotnet.

    I am subscriber of your Blog for now almost an year and have been following your Articles on almost regular basis.

    I would hereby request you to plan some sessions and User Group Meetings in Delhi area or atleast provide us with live video streaming.

    Also, if possible do let me know in case I have to join sessions like these in Ahemdabad, what steps i had to follow?

    Thanks and Regards,

  • I am a novice, but very much interested in attending such user group meetings. But the meetings are on saturdays, which prevents me from attending it, as it is working day for me. Please consider to have the user group meeting on sunday, if possible. so that many like me, may get a chance to attend.



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