SQLAuthority Author Visit – A True Outsourcing Giant and Technology Leader DigiCorp in Ahmedabad India

Last week, I happen to visit one of the tech company in Ahmedabad, India. I visit different IT organization for two purpose – learn more about technology advancement in different organization and help them with any issues if they are facing with Microsoft technology and in particular SQL Server. I visited DigiCorp Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. and I was impressed by its technological advancement and exposure to cutting edge technology.

SQLAuthority Author Visit - A True Outsourcing Giant and Technology Leader DigiCorp in Ahmedabad India digi-corp

DigiCorp was founded in Jan 2004 and now maintains between 60 and 70 employees in bustling Ahmedabad, India. The company specializes in customized application development in .NET, PHP, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Facebook platforms, particularly for the health care, social networking and social media realms. The success of any company lies when company resources and opportunities are embedded together as one entity where client’s expectations are archived satisfactorily. DigiCorp is one such organization where it is truly achieved.

The reason DigiCorp is not just IT Service Company but it is also forerunner in IT Innovations. Rivals4Ever and Sign in Style are their brain child. DigiCorp are expert in dealing Social Media and Start up companies. The reason this organization is doing better because of its young directors. Four Gujarat University Graduates of year 2003 got together and their joint adventure lead to this Technology Giant IT Leader in India.

What makes DigiCorp ahead in race and different from any other software company is the methodology  it follow to complete any project. From requirement gathering to project delivery everything is closely watched by industry experts. Software architecture is the key to any project’s success and plays vital role in the software development lifecycle. DigiCorp has Project Manager and Team Leaders who are expert in this subject matter and takes their job seriously.

I want to congratulate four directors of DigiCorp – Abhishek Desai, Kuntal Shah, Sanket Patel and Nachiket Patel for building state of art technology firm in India.

SQLAuthority Author Visit - A True Outsourcing Giant and Technology Leader DigiCorp in Ahmedabad India india-today-i-252x300

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Thank you very much Pinalbhai for writing about us. It was great to meet you and we look forward to learn a lot from your vast experience. We are yet too small to be called a “Giant” :) but yes one day we would like to become one. More than becoming bigger we are focused on doing some quality work which will really help companies and individuals grow. Making a difference in Society by providing them valuable solutions is out sole aim.

  • Hello Pinal,

    This is really a nice article and thanks a lot for such nice blog for digicorp.

  • Hi Pinal,

    I have one question regarding bcp utility. I have a server on remote area. It has SQL Server 2005 installed. I want to import data into that using bcp utility. But I have SQL Server 2000 client on my machine. How can I import data into that server? Please let me know as I am using first time that bcp utility. Do I need SQL Server 2005 client on my machine for this? How can I code this?

    Thanks in Advance

  • hi,
    The Digi Corp, this is the place where i have passed one of my golden periods of my life, great guys, awesome enthusiasm….I miss this place…


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