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Today is big day for me. I am getting married today. Wedding is just one hour away and I am writing this article. I will post more information tomorrow about this event of my life. While assigning categories to this article, I laughed when I selected “SQLAuthority Author Visit” tag.

The way I receive one question repetitively “What are the differences between SQL Server 2008 Standard and Enterprise Edition?”, I think Microsoft receives the same question again and again so they have created PDF answering the same question. Download SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and Standard Feature Compare.

In November 2008 I was fortunate to attend MVP Open Day 2008 at Goa and it was lots of fun. Read events details here.

This is 800th article on SQLAuthority.com. I think YOU for staying along with me in this journey for more than 2 years. We will continue sharing technical information regarding Microsoft SQL Server.

Thank You!!!

UPDATE: I am just back from my own wedding and now I am married to wonderful person. She is beautiful and understanding.

Pinal Dave ( https://www.pinaldave.com/ )

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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