SQL SERVER – 2005 – Analysis Services Query Performance Top 10 Best Practices

Analysis Services Query Performance Top 10 Best Practices

  1. Optimize cube and measure group design
  2. Define effective aggregations
  3. Use partitions
  4. Write efficient MDX
  5. Use the query engine cache efficiently
  6. Ensure flexible aggregations are available to answer queries.
  7. Tune memory usage
  8. Tune processor usage
  9. Scale up where possible
  10. Scale out when you can no longer scale up


Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi, I saw your site in google. its very fine.

    Please send me the Interview Questions Asked by the Companies of Sqlserver2000 and Sqlserver2005.


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    I M Glad To know About You Also From Ahemedabad,Gujarat
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  • Can u help me about MDX ?
    How MDX acutlly use in Practical application..

  • Hi Pinal,

    I am facing following problem in SSAS and I’ll be really appreciate your guidance/suggestion/tips to resolve the same.

    I have created a multilingual application which reads some master data from Analysis Tool along with some calculated values. The data is dispayed in 3rd Party control i.e. Dundas Olap Control and Dundas Web Chart. I have written OLAP Translation for each of my language.

    It works well with languages like Spanish, Portugal, French, Chinese. However for Italian and Korean it returns me empty cells. The strange thing is that it shows appropriate data in OLAP integrated browser and Dundas Olap Control for all langauges including Italian and Korean but when I explicitly fire MDX by changing connection string (Locale Identifier) it returns me empty values.

    I have no clue where the issue is. I am running SQL Server Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 2.

    Thank You!


  • Hi Pinal,
    Do you know if it is possible to use a cube as a datasource in a Coldfusion application and query it using MDX?

  • Pinal,
    Any updates on Ed’s questions. I am wondering the same thing?

  • hi pinal,

    i want to learn SSAS services and want to implement it in my project so can help me out for finding the best solution..
    can you please give me some links and tutorial though i can learn SSAS with Example


    Jayesh L Lolariya

  • Hi , I am have recently started working on ssas,,
    and i got an assignment to do some changes in ssis package i did it , now my senior is asking me to how the changes are going on , in the cube, he wants me to see the changes in the cube, I have no clue of what he means,,I dont understand what he wants me to do. If any one could help me out , p

    PLZ REPLY BACK, you can save my job,,,

  • Hi Pinal and everyone,,

    I got this assignment which required me to do some modifications to the existing ssis package,, i have done that , but now my senior asks me how the changes in the cube are going on, I have no Idea abt SSAS, I did not understand by what he means ,,, Please help me out with this problem and tell me how to see the changes in the cube and what he means by that, I am totally new,,I appoligise if these questions sound stupid to u,, but gotta ask to get help on that,,,

    Thanks a millions


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