SQL SERVER – Top 10 Best Practices for SQL Server Maintenance for SAP

Top 10 Best Practices for SQL Server Maintenance for SAP
By Takayuki Hoshino

SQL Server provides an excellent database platform for SAP applications. The following recommendations provide an outline of best practices for maintaining SQL Server database for an SAP implementation.

1) Perform a full database backup daily

2) Perform transaction log backup Every 10 to 30 minutes

3) Back up system partition in case of configuration changes

4) Back up system databases in case of configuration changes

5) Run DBCC CHECKDB periodically (ideally before the full database backup)

6) Evaluate security patches monthly (and install them if they are necessary)

7) Evaluate update modules of hardware drivers and firmwares and install if necessary

8) Update statistics on the largest tables weekly or monthly

9) Rebuild or defrag the most important indexes

10) Use a health check monitoring tool for performance, availability, and so forth

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com), TechNet

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