SQL SERVER – Importance of Master Database for SQL Server Startup

I have received following questions many times. I will list all the questions here and answer them together.
What is the purpose of Master database?
Should we backup Master database?
Which database is must have database for SQL Server for startup?
Which are the default system database created when SQL Server 2005 is installed for first time?
What happens if Master database is corrupted?

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SQL SERVER – 2008 – Server Consolidation WhitePaper Download

Server Consolidation with SQL Server 2008 Writer: Martin Ellis Reviewer: Prem Mehra,Lindsey Allen, Tiffany Wissner, Sambit Samal Published: March 2009 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 supports multiple options for server consolidation, which provides organizations with the flexibility to choose the consolidation approach that best meets their requirements to centralize data services…
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SQL SERVER – Deterministic Functions and Nondeterministic Functions

Deterministic functions always returns the same output result all the time it is executed for same input values. i.e. ABS, DATEDIFF, ISNULL etc. Nondeterministic functions may return different results each time they are executed. i.e. NEWID, RAND, @@CPU_BUSY etc. Functions that call extended stored procedures are nondeterministic. User-defined functions that…
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SQL SERVER – 2005 – Forced Parameterization and Simple Parameterization – T-SQL and SSMS

SQL Server compiles query and saves the procedures cache plans in the database. When the same query is called it uses compiled execution plan which improves the performance by saving compilation time. Queries which are parametrized requires less recompilation and dynamically built queries needs compilations and recompilation very frequently. Forced…
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