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I have been receiving two kind of requests almost every day.

1) Recruiters and Employers asking where can they find good candidates who are truly dedicated to SQL Server?
2) Job seeker asking where can they find only SQL related jobs?

There are hundreds of web site which have great resources for all kind of jobs. Monster and Dice are examples of them.
Many sites are bit ocean of the jobs and it is hard to find only SQL Jobs from there, many job listing requires few other skills as primary skills. Recruiters have difficult time to get hold of right candidate as job seekers are skilled with variety of technologies. It is really good to find job which requires more than SQL or find candidate who knows more than SQL. The question I always had is what if someone just want ONLY SQL job or candidate truly dedicated to ONLY SQL.

is humble attempt to facilitate philosophy of ONLY SQL. Though, few jobs will be still required various skills besides SQL, SQL will the primary requirement. I wish this will help everybody who visits SQLAuthority.com and looking for right job or right candidate.

SQLAuthority.com uses third party tool to generate this job listing and not liable for any action taken by user. Employee and Job Seeker are responsible for all the action and decision taken by them. Please do not contact SQLAuthority.com for any help or support. Help is available on site jobs.sqlauthority.com on top right corner.
Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Great ! Are you using any external services for this job records?

    If yes, you can give me the webservice details as I am looking for ASP.NET job.

    Waiting for reply…


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