SQL SERVER – SQL Report Builder in dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Modern opportunities of electronic document management systems can significantly simplify the process of decision-making at an enterprise.

Along with the opportunities they provide, the traditional printed documentation still plays an important role by allowing to conveniently operate the required information by means of reports.

Creation of such reports, depending on the degree of complexity, can take a long time, therefore, to accelerate their creation, visual editors are traditionally used.

Some of these editors have only basic functionality. Others have extended reporting capabilities. The latter group of products includes the SQL report builder built-in to dbForge Studio for SQL Server.

The editor’s capabilities allow you to build a report according your SQL query, literally, within a few minutes. For this, it’s enough to call the Report Designer command from the main menu.

Select a report type in the opened dialog.

Select a connection and a data source.

Herewith, tables and views can be selected as a source.

In case if data, for example, from several tables should be returned by a query, a user query can be written.

After selecting a data source, specify the columns, by which the report will be built.

You should also specify how this data will be presented in the report.

At the final stage, it remains just to specify the name for the report and click the Finish button.

After the wizard is finished, the report editor opens, in which it is possible to fine-tune the appearance of the report.

To preview the report, there is the Preview button provided.

After the report is generated, it can be both printed and exported to one of the supported formats.

As you can see, creating and editing the report in SQL report builder does not take a lot of time, allowing to streamline the process and reduce development time.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

7 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – SQL Report Builder in dbForge Studio for SQL Server

  1. What are some differences between this tool and SSRS? One thing I wish SSRS had that Crystal Reports has is the ability to make adjustments to the report design while in Preview mode.


    • SQL report builder in dbForge Studio for SQL Server is one of the BI-tools, which along with Crystal Reports competes with SSRS.
      SQL report builder allows you fast and easy to create reports of any complexity both for programmers and newbie (simple users).


    • The ability to call reports from other applications is implemented through the commandline interface of dbForge Studio for SQL server. For this purpose, first of all you need to create the report design in dbForge Studio for SQL server that is saved as a file and is used through the commandline. Using the commandline interface it is also possible to automate sending reports on email.


  2. Nice article. This tool closely resembles SSRS and Oracle Developer 2000(D2K) by their functionality and feel. Can it be connect to an Oracle Database through OLE DB to build reports?


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