SQL SERVER – How to Survive on Free Tools for Month – ApexSQL Complete – A Free SQL Advanced Intellisense

Note: This blog is based on ApexSQL Complete is a SQL intellisense, download it and play along with is this blog post.

ApexSQL Complete is a free add-in for auto-completing SQL code which integrates with SQL Server Management Studio  and Visual Studio.

The auto-complete feature recognizes, and predicates SQL keywords as well as objects, schemas, databases, parameter and variable names. To auto-complete SELECT statement in a single click just type the SELECT statement into the query window and check the column in the hint list. The rest of the statement will be auto-completed.

By highlighting the object in the hint list you’ll get the complete DDL statement of the selected object even if it is encrypted.

Using the Insert full INSERT statement option you can get the full INSERT statement for a table, without being bothered to remember the order of values you need to pass and the need to write out all the columns. Simply type the INSERT statement in the query window and select the wanted table from the hint list.

The Insert Procedure Parameters Automatically options automatically to display input parameters of the stored procedure in the correct order, and to schema qualify object names automatically use the Insert Object Owner option.

ApexSQL Complete also has user friendly Snippets feature with various variables. I’ll show the snippets feature with a simple example using the $PROMPT$ variable, and make another way to complete statements in the query window.

Create a snippet or edit the existing one in the snippets dialog.

From the query window, right-click and choose the ApexSQL Complete Insert Snippet command. Select the snippet from the hint list, and in this case, because we’re using the $PROMPT$ variable it will prompt the Column Dialog we created.

Enter the variable name, in this simple example the column name and click Ok. The rest of the statement will be inserted and you will be prompted with the hint list for choosing the table to complete the FROM clause

ApexSQL Complete is a SQL intellisense that has more useful options and commands such as:

  • Choose the Error list feature to get a list of all syntax errors, updated in real-time
  • Use Hints feature to expand or narrow the auto-complete hint list
  • With the Code structure feature to display the internal structure of your code
  • Create your own aliases or use auto created aliases. Custom table alias will replace the auto created one and it’ll be listed in the hint list
  • Add alias or object name to the columns in the WHERE clause, even if there is only one object is specified in the FROM clause, and many more

If you’re looking for a tool that can make your coding process faster and easier and within your budget, try out this free SQL assistant by ApexSQL

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

6 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – How to Survive on Free Tools for Month – ApexSQL Complete – A Free SQL Advanced Intellisense

  1. I love the functionality in ApexSQL Complete, but even the latest version causes my SSMS (2012) to crash several times per day and I just can’t live with that so I have to uninstall it. Every few months I try the latest version, but get the same result.


    • Yes, I liked ApexSQL Complete functionality, but constant crashes on SSMS 2012 forced me to uninstall. I use dbForge SQL Complete and SSMSBoost.


    • I haven’t had crashing issues in SSMS 2014. Used it for about a week. It does occasionally freeze up for one or two seconds when it’s building the completion list. Quite annoying but well worth the wait. The helpers for joins are quite wonderful.


  2. Hello Dave,
    it would be nice if you give a chance to SSMSBoost project. You have mentioned it on twitter 1.5 years ago, maybe it’s time now for a blog post ;) We have currently reached 6500 users, using free version. I can support you with any information you need. Your posts look pretty independent, so I hope there will be a place for us as well. For any questions you can get in touch with me.

    Sincerely yours,


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