SQL – Weekend Project – Watching Technically Seth Series – What is your plan for this weekend?

“What is your plan for this weekend?” I was recently asked by my fellow colleague.

I replied: “I have plan learn about Big Data and SQL from Technically Seth.”

seth SQL   Weekend Project   Watching Technically Seth Series   What is your plan for this weekend?“Technically Seth!” He replied, “Never heard of him.”

“Honestly even he has not heard of you.” I tried to look serious while making fun of him.

“Come on tell me more.”

“Dude!” (tried with fake Californian accent) I replied – “Even I am going to learn this weekend.”

“But who is Seth?” He asks impatiently.

I finally decided to stop annoying him and I replied “Seth is the CTO at NuoDB. He has nearly 20 years of experience, focusing on distributed computing, networking, security and other fun systems problems. Before NuoDB Seth worked for Nokia, and before that Sun Microsystems, tackling large-scale systems and understanding not just how to make technology scale, but to do it in such a way that users can scale with it.”

With sign of relief my colleague asked “Ahha.. okey well and what is Technically Seth series? Is it like he explains a complex subject of big data and scalability?”

“Actually you are very correct here. Technical Seth series is a very interesting to watch video series where he explains various concepts around Big Data and NuoDB. I am going to watch all the episodes this weekend.”

“May be I should.”

“You must”, I insisted.

“May be I will.”

“That’s better – you must!”

“Have a great weekend Pinal!”

“You too buddy – have a technically Seth Weekend!”

Well, that was a my conversation with fellow colleague. This weekend I am going to spend time with NuoDB and Technically Seth series. There are so much to learn in the world but there is so little time for the same. We are so busy with our daily routine we often ignore learning new technology. I encourage all of you watch Technical Seth Series as well as Download NuoDB. I am will be implementing various concepts which I will learn from Technically Seth series and will share them over here in coming weeks.

There are five episodes of the Technically Seth series so far.

  • Deployment Architecture
  • No Sharding
  • Low Latency & Geo-distribution
  • High Availability
  • Data Replication

Important Links – Webpage of Technically Seth Series and Download NuoDB.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

3 thoughts on “SQL – Weekend Project – Watching Technically Seth Series – What is your plan for this weekend?

  1. Hey Pinal,

    Your writing skills is Extremely Extraordinary…!!!! :)
    Do you have plan to writing post for those who are from MSBI platform and planning to shift in BigData/ Hadoop/ NOSQL…… :)
    I am waiting for your articles about these Big Worlds…. :)


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