SQL SERVER – Need Your Feedback – Next Action Items in SQL in Sixty Seconds

youropinion SQL SERVER   Need Your Feedback   Next Action Items in SQL in Sixty SecondsSQL in Sixty Seconds series has been going on for over a year and we have over 50 videos. Here is one idea. I am planning to do a series on one topic in SQL in Sixty Seconds. I would like to gather your feedback about what should I create this series on. Here is a poll where you can select the option you think will interest you the most.

Additionally, it will be really nice if you leave comments with your opinion about what I should cover in SQL in Sixty Seconds video. I will pick the 3 best comments and will share USD 15 Amazon Gift card with them for their valuable time.

I have heard it is easy to get more participation if we put cute kitten’s photo. I have attempted that in this blog post and I hope to get more responses.

Meanwhile, here are few of the last SQL in Sixty Seconds Video.

RESEED Identity Column in Database Table

Puzzle SET ANSI_NULLS and Resultset

NuoDB in Sixty Seconds

Maximize Database Performance with DB Optimizer

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

6 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Need Your Feedback – Next Action Items in SQL in Sixty Seconds

  1. Hey, thanks for the suggestions post
    In my opinion, in 60 seconds you can not cover much about Performance Tuning Tips better we get to have few SQL server interview question


  2. Hi Pinal,

    in the next sessions, may be you can pick up on some performance tuning topics and i would like to see some performance tuning when we are using CDC on a a DB which is very huge.



  3. HI Pinal,

    I prefer to choose T-SQL Enhancements to know the new things in SQL Server. At the same time, in realtime experience we need to solve more performance related issues. So that, I will choose Performance Tuning Tips.

    Also, you try to complete the video within 60 seconds is too difficult. So that, you could extend the timings to elaborate for some major topics.


  4. Hi Pinal,
    I would like to get familiarity on the performance tuning.. How the performance will differ for T-SQL(any queries/Stored Procedures in SQL server) and LINQ?
    Most of the readers/people working on database will face performance issues… That’s why am voting for Performance tuning tips


  5. We often have some pretty complicated sql code here to pull data for reporting purposes. We often have performance issues we call “slow code”. It might be nice to highlight some of the no nos in SQL and what you can do that is faster and better for performance. Maybe temp tables vs table variables, removing RBar and having more set based code.


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