SQL SERVER – TechEd 2011 – Random Question and Answers

Three Days of TechED 2011 India was great event and I had so much fun that I can not express. I met around 1000 people during this 3 days and discussed a lot of things. I got few question again and again. I thought about blogging all of those 7 commonly asked question on blog.

1) What is “Denali”?
A. Denali is mountain but if you are asking about SQL Server – it is code name of the next version.

2) When is “Denali” releasing?
A. It is next version of SQL Server so Microsoft will announce the release date. You can download Denali CTP1 which is public.

3) I am using open source because I have to pay for SQL Server.
A. SQL Server Express is free edition.

4) What are your top 3 SQL Server features?
A. A really difficult question. I can tell you why I like SQL Server a) Usability 2) Easy to Install/Upgrade 3) Feature Rich

5) How can I learn SQL Server?
A. This is tricky one. Watch for future blog post on this subject but till then keep on reading http://blog.sqlauthority.com

6) Do you use any other third-party tool for your SQL Server?
A. Well, SQL Server has lots of native very good features and I commonly use native features only. I do use third party tool very rarely but again the one which are supported by SQL Server only. I do not use tools which are not validated by my peers and community.

7) Where can we find you?
A. I will be in either Database Track or HTML Track but you can find me afterwords at http://www.twitter.com/pinaldave

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)


3 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – TechEd 2011 – Random Question and Answers

  1. Hi,

    I had a VARCHAR(MAX) parameter declared in my stored procedure and trying to concatenat single column from a table which has 1500 rows into a string and keep in this variable, if i am not mistaken, i read that the VARCHAR(MAX) can hold up to 2GB of data, so it make me so confuse that why the variable which i declared as MAX size, can only hold up 8000 characters, any idea? Please help me????


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