SQL SERVER – Denali – ObjectID in Negative – Local TempTable has Negative ObjectID

I used to run the following script to generate random large results. However, when I ran this on Denali I noticed a very interesting behavior:

SELECT o1.OBJECT_ID,o1.name, o2.OBJECT_ID, o2.name
FROM sys.all_objects o1
CROSS JOIN sys.all_objects o2

I noticed lots of negative object_ID’s on Denali, whereas my experience on SQL Server 2008 R2 as well as the earlier versions was it was always giving me a positive number.

This whole thing interested me so I decided to find out objects which belonged to the negative object_ID. When I looked at the name of the object, it was very evident that it belonged to TempTable.

To verify my finding, I ran the following command for a couple of times:


Then, I realized that every time I ran this command, I found one more negative ID added in the objects table. To further clarify this, I ran the following command:

FROM tempdb.sys.tables

This command really validated the event that whenever LocalTempTable is created in the Denali, it creates object_ID with negative number. However, in SQL Server 2008 R2 and earlier versions, it is always a positive number.

I attempted to create Global TempTable using the following code. The result was all of the global TempTable created Object_ID’s which yield positive numbers. For the moment, it looks like all the LocalTempTable have negative ID’s.

CREATE TABLE ##GlobalTempTable (ID INT)

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Are there any other objects in SQL Server ‘Denali’ that have negative object_ID?
  • What can be the reason behind  the negative object_ID?

On a separate note, take a look at the following code:

IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb.dbo.#LocalTempTable') > 0

If you updated to Denali you should change it to either
OBJECT_ID('tempdb.dbo.#LocalTempTable') <>0

IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb.dbo.#LocalTempTable') IS NOT NULL

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

7 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Denali – ObjectID in Negative – Local TempTable has Negative ObjectID

  1. I have not tested this (don’t have a SQL Server instance nearby right now :( ), but I believe negative object IDs might be used by the SQL Server for containment. Temporary objects created within contained databases (when fully contained – full containment is not available CTP01), may need a different object id series. It’s just a guess, but thought of putting it on the table.


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