SQL SERVER – Denali – Clipboard Ring – CTRL+SHIFT+V

While I was writing my earlier post SQL SERVER – 2011 – Multi-Monitor SSMS Windows, I found out that there is one more similar feature which existed in Visual Studio is also now part of SQL Server 2011 (Denali). The feature is called clipboard ring feature.

This is how it works.

Select Multiple object one by one using regular CTRL + X.

Now instead of pasting using CTRL+V use CTRL+SHIFT+V. Well, you will see that that pasted value is rotating based on what you have earlier selected in CTRL+V. I was really happy as I think this is one of the feature of VS, I really wanted SSMS to have.

Try it and let me know what you think of the same.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

2 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Denali – Clipboard Ring – CTRL+SHIFT+V

  1. Yes, This is very interesting feature for clip boards.. You can do multiple copies and pastes at a time.. It maintains history of copies.

    Friends One more interesting feature which I always use, is Block Selection. We can select columns(instead of lines) of paragraph. By selecting with Holding Alt key
    i.e : In this paragraph you can select “a e i m” by pressing alt key while selecting either with keyboard or mouse… I just love this feature to write “IN” query…


    again.. you can also select

    from this paragraph

    Thanks Pinal for sharing …


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