SQL SERVER – 1500 Posts – A MileStone – Origin of Blog Name Revealed

This is my 1500th blog post.

I am very happy. In my earlier 1400th blog post mile stone, I made a promise that I would explain why I have chosen SQLAuthority.com as my blog’s name.

Let me share with you the story about how I came up with the name.

In my earlier career days, I was used to code in ColdFusion programming language, and there was a site called Fusion Authority. I was always referring to it whenever I had to get any latest details of the subject. The name inspired me so I started checking out if there were already a site SQLAuthority.com, but after frequently checking it, the site really did not exist. I wondered who might have already owned the domain, but I saw that this domain was still available for purchase. This way, I came across this domain and decided to use it to start my blog all about SQL.

The main reason why I blog is just to remember what I have learned. These blog entries are truly my journey. This is what I am learning; this is what you can count on me knowing. Quite often I get an email wherein someone wants me to write on a different subject, so I welcome the mail and see if that fits my interests. If it is something new, like a topic about later versions of SQL Server, I would be interested for sure, so I write about the topic suggested to me. I often fail to respond when I have to troubleshoot SQL Server v7 or earlier, because I do not have access to those machines anymore.

This journey is truly remarkable that’s why I still continue to walk on it. I am looking forward to the next two milestones on this blog, which are soon to happen:

  1. 4th Birthday of the blog
  2. 20 Millions Views

I got many requests to show my blog statistics, so now I promise that I will do so once either of the two milestones listed above occurs.

The person I must thank is YOU – you who continuously guides me, helps me and encourages me.

This is not only my blog; this is your blog, too and I must congratulate all of you for this great milestone.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

28 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – 1500 Posts – A MileStone – Origin of Blog Name Revealed

  1. I truly enjoy and look forward to reading your Blog posts as my phone lights up letting me know it’s there for me to read.

    It is us that should be thanking YOU for sharing your knowledge and expertise!

    Thank you and Congratulations!!!!


  2. Really this blog is rocking.every day am learning new things which i ever dont know.pinal keep rocking..and continue the journy..

    Congrats Pinal….


  3. Congratulations!!!

    Pinal is a true mentor and he is my hero in the SQL world. I have been a frequent reader of this blog for a long time and that made a big effect to my career (including sessions from Pinal, in Sri Lanka ). Thanks for every useful post and we are looking forward for more!!!


  4. Pinal, congrats, of course, and cool story of the connection of your blog name with FusionAuthority. Your former connection with CF just helps further explain the nature of how/why you share stuff as you do. It’s in the CF community’s DNA. :-)

    Thanks as always for all that you do share on your journey! :-) We all benefit tremendously. Keep up the great work.


  5. Congratulations…!!!
    I think all your blogposts can be combined and published as book. or I think you should try writing a book.
    I will assure you I will be one of the many buyers.

    Thanks a lot for your blogposts.
    keep doing this gr8 work……………..


  6. Congratulations Pinal Sir,

    This is not just a blog.
    This is like dictionary,library,encyclopedia,wikipedia and soon… for those who want to clarifey their doubts regarding SQL SERVER.
    That all credit goes to u only.
    Its my habit to read ur blog everyday…



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  8. Hi Dave

    Its really great to read articles in Ur blog. As a beginner in SQL I am able to unterstand the SQL in better way..

    I really accept as mentor for my journey in SQL


    Josh Chowdary


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