SQL SERVER – Few Notes on Fast Track Data Warehouse

I recently delivered fast track data warehouse training. This training was very challenging as this training requires very specific hardware and extremely different way of looking at data warehousing. While training I have made few notes and I will now share the same notes with you. Please note that this are just notes and not learning material.

fast track DW SQL SERVER   Few Notes on Fast Track Data Warehouse

  • Fast Track Data Warehouse has a primary emphasis on eliminating potential performance bottlenecks.
  • It supports maximum of 48 TB data at this moment.
  • Currently HP, Dell, Bull, IBM and EMC2 provides necessary hardware for Fast Track Data Warehouse.
  • All the Software and Hardware comes in a single package.
  • The Base OS is Windows Server 2008 and Base Database is SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • FTRA stands for Fast Track Reference Architecture.
  • SMP stands for Symmetric Multiprocessing.
  • Fast Track is pre-configured and it just works out of the box.
  • PDW stands for Parallel Data Warehouse.
  • Fast Track Data Warehouse is based on Symmetrical Multi Processing (SMP) and PDW is based on Massively Parallel Processing (MPP).
  • Each CPU Core delivers 200 MB per second data.
  • This hardware architecture is available at $13,000 per Terabyte.
  • It uses RAID 1 Mirror sets
  • Recovery model of FTDW is recommended to Simple Recovery mode.
  • Turn off AutoGrow for user defined database.
  • Leave AutoGrow On for TempDB and set at 4 MB.
  • Update the database statistics regularly.

I really had great time doing training for this subject. If you have worked with Fast Track Data Warehouse, what was your experience?

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

2 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Few Notes on Fast Track Data Warehouse

  1. Wonderful I have been searching for FTRA information for some time now because I am in the process of upgrading a huge DWH, your information will honestly aid me very well, thanks for sharing.


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