SQLAuthority News – A Monthly Round Up of SQLAuthority Blog Posts – August 2010

Monthly round ups are very refreshing as it gives me chance to go back and see what did I do in last month. The highlight of the last month is the my computed column series and its final installment. If you have not followed up on it I suggest you read SQL SERVER – Computed Columns – Index and Performance. I have great fun to investigate the computed column. Second fun thing was to write about views. I am still going to write more article on this subject but atleast the series has started in this month. Following are the first two articles in the series.

Community events are in my blood and I always enjoyed being part of it. I had few reports as listed below where I did community event. Salute to community which is so vibrant.

Career Development or professional development is always burning questions for all. I had great fun to write about when one can take vacation SQL SERVER – Best Practices for DBA Before Taking Vacation. There were lots of curious looks at my article on Shrinking Database SQL SERVER – SHRINKDATABASE For Every Database in the SQL Server. Many people online either refused to see it just based on title. Many online tried to even call big gurus to start controversy, however, all went well once people start reading the article. I had really good discussion also on the article SQLAuthority News – Why SQL Server is better than any other RDBMS Applications?. Obviously SQL Server is the best.

Performance tuning has been my favorite subject always so I have two new announcements this month as well.

There were few more articles but the one which is really make you think was SQL SERVER – Does Order of Column in WHERE clause Matter?. Additionally, there were many other articles I have written during the month, you can check all the articles written by me over here. Tell me which one was your favorite article this month.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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