SQL SERVER – List All the DMV and DMF on Server

“How many DMVs and DVFs are there in SQL Server 2008?” – this question was asked to me in one of the recent SQL Server Trainings.

Answer is very simple:

SELECT name, type, type_desc
FROM sys.system_objects
WHERE name LIKE 'dm_%'

dmvnames SQL SERVER   List All the DMV and DMF on Server

Update: Madhivanan has corrected the script here.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

20 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – List All the DMV and DMF on Server

  1. Alternatively we can use the following query:

    SELECT name, type, type_desc from sys.all_objects WHERE name LIKE ‘dm_%’
    ORDER BY name

    Fabicio: for your answer I would suggest that you refer to microsoft technet site. I find it the best till date for information on DMVs.

    Amit Pandey
    SQL Server Database Administrator


  2. As you surely know- the ‘_’ Char replaces a single char when one uses the *Like* operator, and thus you will get all objects begining with ‘dm’ and having at least 3 chars..

    I would try-
    WHERE Left(name,3)=‘dm_’
    Other suggestions?


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  4. Hello Pinal,
    I enjoy reading you posts. I think they are v informative, easy to understand and the best part is easy to implement. My comment is not for this post it is for sqlauthority on the whole. Keep up the good work.


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