SQLAuthority News – Spot the SQLAuthority Baby Contest – SQL Server Cheat Sheet

Last Year during the TechEd India 2009 SQL Server Cheat Sheets were instant hit. Yesterday when I announce that I am going to attend TechED India 2010 at Bangalore, I received many requests for the same. I have only 30 copies available at this moment.  I will print more copies of the same after this event.

For the moment I am going to run quick content to win SQL Server Cheat Sheet during this event. The contest is very simple. My 7 months old daughter will join me in this trip. She will be staying with me in the same hotel where the event is organized. Here is the detail for contest:

Contest: If you Spot SQLAuthority Baby, get one SQL Server Cheat Sheet.

Rules: Every hour the first person to spot SQLAuthority Baby will get 1 SQL Server Cheat Sheet.

If you spot her and the hourly SQL Server Cheat Sheet is given away, you still have chance to get a copy. Drop your business card or email address and we will contact you for your copy.

SQLAuthority Baby is very easy to spot.

Shaivi Dave

Shaivi Dave

If you are not attending this event and want copy, you can easily download the same from link below.

Download SQL Server Cheat Sheet from here.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

6 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Spot the SQLAuthority Baby Contest – SQL Server Cheat Sheet

  1. Hii Pinal,
    I’m ardent reader of you blog . Even I do follow you in the twitter as vajras . I am a newbie to sql server and I’m learning much from you. So please kindly sent me a copy to my mail.

    Thank you


  2. Hi Pinal,
    Your daughter looks really cute, god bless her. I noticed the shirdi sai baba statue. Me and my wife believe in him and read up on sai charithra. When i visited india last time, i visited shirdi, a fascinating place.


  3. Pinal, I have been pulling SQL server, tips, trick, scripts, etc., all of which have been outstanding and have rescued me and opened my mind to understanding things I did not comprehend before.

    So I wanted to tell you THANK YOU!!! Your website is AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing so much and creating a forum for people to add to, and compliment your work.



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