SQL SERVER – Whitepaper Consolidation Using SQL Server 2008

Consolidation Using SQL Server 2008
Writer: Allan Hirt, Megahirtz LLC (allan@sqlha.com)
Technical Reviewers: Lindsey Allen, Madhan Arumugam, Ben DeBow, Sung Hsueh, Rebecca Laszlo, Claude Lorenson, Prem Mehra, Mark Pohto, Sambit Samal, and Buck Woody
Published: October 2009

Many companies are considering or have already implemented consolidation of computing resources, including Microsoft SQL Server instances and databases, in their organization. A consolidation effort is a complex task that requires information, a detailed plan and timeline for success, and a strategy for administering the consolidated environment. This white paper walks through the journey of gathering and analyzing the information to base all planning and implementation decisions on; how to plan, architect, and implement consolidation; and finally, the considerations for administering a consolidated SQL Server environment.

This white paper is based on the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF). MOF is an iterative approach to the IT lifecycle, and it is designed to bring together both the technical and nontechnical sides of implementation and administration.

Download Whitepaper Consolidation Using SQL Server 2008

Abstract courtesy : Microsoft

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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