SQLAuthority News – FIX : Error : HP OfficeJet Scanning and Printing Gray or Pink Shades

Unlike my usual articles today’s article is not at all related to SQL Server but something drove me to include it on my blog. This issue snatched away my precious few hours. It took me over 2 hours to resolve it yesterday, which barred me from doing research on SQL Server. I am sure many people must have faced this issue and the sad part is no solution has been proposed so far.

Let us understand the problem first. I got a brand new printer HP Officejet J4580 All-in-One printer. Support Engineer came along to install it. Fax, Printing, Photocopy – all the functions just worked fine. However, when we tried to scan anything the scanned copy had gray or pink shade on it. No matter what I did, the scanned copy still contained gray/pink shade. The support engineer worked for almost an hour on it but had no clue how to resolve it. We called up HP Support online but to my disappointment they replied with uncooperative attitude- we have never faced this issue so you should never face it. I contact several global HP Support and they suggested re-shipping the complete printer to them so that they can look at it.

The most annoying part was that I kept on telling them that Photocopy worked fine, and only scanning was the issue; it seemed to be a software issue. It was very strange that no one from HP support knew how to fix it. Anyway, I decided to use every search engine available on planet to look for the solution for the same. To my surprise, I was not the only one who was facing this issue; this is quite common but there is no real answer to this problem. Most of the time annoyed users keep on changing computer, ink cartridges or ultimately printer, but no one really talks about its solution.

I was determined to solve this software problem. After attempting nearly every possible setting available on software, I finally found the solution. Please pay attention to the checkbox in the image below. Once it is checked, the saved image will appear as follows:

After the setting was changed, the image came out neatly, without any pink or gray shade.

Hopefully, this article will save some time of those who are trying to make this work and who are not able to find time to read SQL Server due to this issue.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

2 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – FIX : Error : HP OfficeJet Scanning and Printing Gray or Pink Shades

  1. I can’t find the problem with my HP officejet J4580 printer. It keep saying paper jam everytime I tried to print something out. I have open the printer up and found nothing, there’s no paper in the printer so how do I get the printer working properly.


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