SQLAuthority Author Visit Report – Tech Meetings – Recession – Job Market – Consolidation of Servers – OS Choice – Server Reboots – Performance Optimization – Backup and Restore

As I mentioned earlier I was traveling this week to four major cities of South Gujarat SQLAuthority Author Visit – Valsad, Daman, Silvassa, Vapi – Tech Meetings. I had tech meetings in each city. I was fortunate to meet IT head of different large organizations.

My travel itinerary is as following:

Valsad – December 25, 2008 Daman – December 26, 2008 Silvassa – December 27, 2008 Vapi – December 28, 2008

I had discussion about on various subject matters with IT head. I will be briefly writing down my experience here.

Recession: Recession has affected every market. The largest affected industries are luxury consumer goods and automotive industries. It is quite clear that industries are affected but so far IT departments are not affected by any slow downs. IT departments are still doing fine and they do not have lay offs, however large organizations have stopped their hiring.

I have previously wrote article clearly expressing my views on recession SQLAuthority News – 5 Millions Visitors – 2 Anniversary – Authors Note on Economy Slow Down and Job Opportunity – SQL Server.

Job Market: This is concern of every employer and employee. Every employee needs good and steady job and and every employer wants hardworking and sincere employee. I have previously wrote article clearly expressing my views on job market SQLAuthority News – Help to Find Recession Proof Job. I also encourage users to use customized job portal of Job@SQLAuthority. If anybody is not looking for job they should still visit to see Job@SQLAuthority what is current market and opportunities.

Consolidation of Servers: This was interesting topic to discuss as there were clear two different opinion I have received from different IT department heads.

Few suggested that as Hyper-V techniques are now getting popular and more and more powerful servers are coming out in market and their application have steady load they should consolidate their server to reduce wastage of resources.

Other few suggested that it is not good idea to consolidate servers as application architecture is already design in such a way that databases on different servers can be utilized efficiently. There are chances that load on server will increase and more logic will be placed at database level instead of application level. This requires that consolidation is not done and separate servers are utilized.

Operating System Choice: Windows was default OS at each organization so there is no argument.

Server Reboots: This is on going debate that whether server should be frequently rebooted or not. Many people take side of rebooting it everyday and many people take side of not rebooting it ever. My personal opinion is that server may be rebooted once every fortnight when new updates are installed. I have previously written article about the same subject SQL SERVER – Frequency of SQL Server Reboot and Restart.

SQL Server over other RDBMS: Most of the organization preferred SQL Server over Oracle or MySQL because its cost effectiveness as well feature reach product. I am all SQL Server person so I just agreed on all the good point top leaders of IT were suggesting. I have previously written two article about the same subject. SQLAuthority News – White Paper: SQL Server 2008 Compared to Oracle Database 11g and SQL SERVER – White Papers: Migration from Oracle Sybase, or Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server.

Performance Optimization: This was most discussed topic in our meetings. I will write separate article about different developers opinions and their best practices. Few of the common performance optimization best practices were as following.

  • Avoid usage of Cursors, Views, Loops, Triggers
  • Indexing tables as necessary
  • 3rd Normal Database Architecture

Read about my previous articles about Best Practices here.

Backup and Restore: Tape backup are still used in most of the organization. I was under impression that with Hard drive getting cheaper large organizations must be more relying on it but I was surprised to see that tape backup are still preferred in many organization. Usually, IT department store backup of the database for on average one week. Most interesting pattern I have seen is as following and I think it was good practice.

  • Full backup every 6 hours
  • Differential backup every 30 mins
  • Transaction log backup ever 5 mins

I thought it was the best way to restore database in case of disaster recovery. It is very important to test the database by restoring it on server. Many times, developers know how to take backup of the database but have no idea about how to restore them or face some unforeseen problems when restoring them. Backup and Restore has been my favorite subject on this blog and I have frequently written articles over Backup and Restore.

SQL Solutions:

If you have any questions and needs answer to your SQL Server related doubt, please use custom search engine Search@SQLAuthority.com

Let me know what are your thoughts on above mentioned subject.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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