SQLAuthority News – 2008 – Download – SQL Server 2008 Brochure

SQL Server 2008 Brochure is available to download. It contains many information like available Server Editions, Top New Features, New Available Technologies and additional resources.

Click on above image to open large image.

Top New Features

  • Use Resource Governor to manage concurrent workloads
  • Enforce policy compliance consistently across the enterprise with the Policy-Based Management
  • Reduce storage requirements and increase query performance with data compression and Sparse Columns
  • Protect sensitive data with Transparent Data Encryption and advanced auditing
  • Troubleshoot, tune, and monitor SQL Server 2008 instances across the enterprise with Performance System Analysis
  • Build high performance analysis solutions with scalability, performance, data mining, and user interface enhancements in SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Take advantage of improved performance,usability, visualization, and integration with the 2007 Microsoft Office system in SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Integrate location-enabled applications through support for spatial data

Download SQL Server 2008 Brochure

Abstract and image courtesy: Microsoft

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com), Microsoft Download

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