SQLAuthority News – Fix : Remote Desktop Copy Paste Stop Working

Today’s article is not related to SQL Server 100%, however it is quite related to SQL Server, or atleast I found it while working with SQL Server. Just two days ago, while I was working with remote SQL Server using Remote Desktop tool provided by Windows XP. Suddenly, copy/paste feature of windows stop working on remote desktop. I was not able to copy from local machine to remote machine and remote machine to local machine, both ways. I was able to copy/paste from remote machine to remote machine and local machine to local machine.

I thought may be if I restart both the computers it will work (Do not restart your live servers in any case, also restarting is not the solution please read the solution at the end of article). It did not work. I played with few administrative services, again no luck. I was very frustrated for two days as it was very inconvenient to copy/paste and I did not had solution.

After playing with different services and process for a while I found following solution. The solution works perfectly.

First of all go to task manager in remote machine. Go to processes and kill process rdpclip.exe.
After that to go Start >> Run >> type rdpclip.exe and press OK.

rdpclip SQLAuthority News   Fix : Remote Desktop Copy Paste Stop Working

This will fix your remote desktop copy/paste issue.

If you want to share files across remote desktop. Follow following instructions.

Go to Remote Desktop Connections >> Options >> Local Resources >> Local Devices >> Turn on Checkbox of Disk drives and click Connect.

rdp SQLAuthority News   Fix : Remote Desktop Copy Paste Stop Working

I hope today’s article will help users who are facing this problem.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://www.SQLAuthority.com)

61 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Fix : Remote Desktop Copy Paste Stop Working

  1. Go to Remote Desktop Connections >> Options >> Local Resources >> Local Devices >>

    Remote Desktop Connections – where we can find this ?
    Or this is OS specific?


  2. One can find Remote Desktop in XP under
    Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communication -> “Remote Desktop Connection”

    Of course don’t forget to ensure the remote cmoputer ALLOWS Remote desktop in

    right-click on “My Computer” -> Properties -> Remote tab
    you will see “Remote Assistance” and “Remote Desktop”


  3. pinal,

    I would like to addsomething here. Depending on the rights the user have, he might not be able to access the GUI. we can do the copy and paste activity through SQL server engine only.

    we can go to the query analyser
    use the following extended stored to copy and paste. It worked for me when nothing else was working.

    master..Xp_cmdshell ‘ copy sourcepath destinationpath’

    Amit Pandey


  4. krupa, in case you are not able to find the remote desktop connection you can also go to start >> run
    type MSTSC in the run box and press OK

    Amit Pandey
    SQL Server DBA — merrill lynch


  5. Thank you for this soulution, what a great thing to tell rest of us. The copy/paste issue made crazy – and others too. Thank you :)


  6. Thanks a lot for the solution. It was bugging me like you for couple of days back the copy & paste option was working all of sudden it stopped working …..

    Thank you once again :)


  7. I was hopeful about this solution, as I have the same problem on a machine I’m remoting into for the first time, but it hasn’t worked. It’s odd, but when I run the rdpclip on the remote machine, there’s no response (no error, but no interface, either). Now, I see you list your remote running XP. Mine is running 2k3 R2. Maybe yours is an XP-only solution.

    If anyone has other ideas, I’d welcome them. (Yees, I have enabled the clipboard option in Remote Desktop’s “Local Resources” tab. Still no go.


  8. I’m a nontechnical user who has been able to work from home by connecting to my office computer.

    All of a sudden I got this error and can no longer work from home:

    Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or Write Process Memory request was completed.

    I sure hope someone can help.



  9. This is really great feature… I there any way by which we can drag and drop from our main machine to remote connection, it never worked for me, but surely adding your drive would solve that problem.

    Thanks once again!



  10. When trying to copy/paste on to/from a remote Server via the Internet Remote Web Workplace I am getting an error msg coming up on the server while trying to paste saying ‘Cannot copy file:Cannot read from source file or disk’ when trying to copy from my computer to the server. When trying to paste from the server to my computer an error msg comes up on the server saying ‘Cannot copy Jon: Windows cannot find ‘%1!ls!’. Check the spelling and try again’ The file trying to copy and paste to my computer is called jon.txt. Have tried your suggestion with RDPclip.exe but unfortunately doesn’t work. Also, a msg from the server says VBScript : Remote desktop disconnected’ ‘An internal error has occured’ These errors only occur when my computer is accessing the server, other computers used are still working fine, so looks like something has become corrupted somewhere on my computer. Any ideas very welcome. Thank you.


  11. I’ve seen this same solution posted on other sites and it does not work for me. It might work for a few minutes but then copy/paste stops working again. It’s driving me nuts, driving me to consider switching to a Mac. Copy/Paste is perhaps the main reason we switched from typewriters to computers in the 1980s. Now Microsoft has found a way to make that not work. What’s next, ctrl-z will stop working?

    Does anyone know if Microsoft fixed this bug in Windows 7?


  12. Thanks, it worked perfectly. I still have a problem connecting to local resources through Remote Desktop but copy and pasting files is an adequate work around.


  13. I ran into this issue all the time, and finally decided to try Google; this was the first hit and it completely solved the issue. Thanks for sharing!


  14. Thought I would chime in again to say that my issues were solved with Windows 7 Pro. I installed it a few weeks ago and the copy/paste issue has gone away completely.

    I’m loving Windows 7 so far.


  15. I am having a problem with Win 7 when I try to copy from remote connection and paste into a page open on the local computer. But I do not have this problem when I try the same thing using my older local computer operating with Win XP.


  16. None of the solutions proposed on the internet worked for me, so I tried to log off the remote machine, but it wanted to close my program (which is R) and started the countdown “ending in 30 sec” (or smth) so I canceled.

    And then it worked…

    I guess when it’s preparing to close the session it clears the stuff that you want fixed :). Pretty technical I know :).


  17. 1) When you first run Remote Desktop Connection, go to options, then the Local Resources tab, and then make sure Clipboard is checked.

    2) Second, create a batch file on the remote machine as follows:

    c:\windows\system32\TaskKill.exe /im c:\windows\system32\rdpclip.exe

    3) Then create a shortcut to the batch file.

    Whenever the cut and paste stops working, just click on that shortcut, and you should be functional again.


  18. Thank you for this post, this issue has been driving me crazy. Another workaround for us (Windows 7 clients with Windows 2008 servers) is to turn off the Clipboard on the Remote Desktop client options (under Local Resources).


  19. Hello sir , i am using open office and remote desktop, remote desktop allow only once to copy items. It gives error” the content of clipboard cannot be deleted”
    I tried your method but it works for single copy paste operation only after that i have to disconnect and re connect remote desktop for using again copy paste data . Please reply.


  20. Thanks! Tried so many other solutions found on internet first, this was the one that worked for me. Really would have been SOL without the copy/paste from remote to local.


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  23. I’m using Server 2012 and whether go to processes end task for rdpclip.exe, RDP Clipboard Monitor or whether I end process tree. It doesn’t work. When I use CMD prompt and try 1. taskKill.exe /im rdpclip.exe
    2. rdpclip.exe – it also is not effective.


    • As a follow up to this. If all solutions above aren’t working; it’s possible the settings changed. Usually I just enter mstsc /: [ip address] so instead, I opened remote desktop manager (just type remote in the run box on the host machine if Win7 or later) and go to local resources. At the bottom, the clipboard box was unchecked (not sure how or why). Check the box. Enter remote session – all should work perfeclty


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