SQL SERVER – SQL Server Statistics Name and Index Creation

Sometimes something very small or a common error which we observe in daily life teaches us new things. SQL Server Expert Sandip (winner of Joes 2 Pros Contests) has come across similar experience. Sandip has written a guest post on an error he faced in his daily work. Sandip is working for QSI Healthcare as an Associate Technical Specialist and have more than 5 years of total experience. Let’s see SQL Server Statistics Name and Index Creation here.

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SQL SERVER – Fix: Error: Msg 1904, Level 16 The statistics on table has 33 column names in statistics key list. The maximum limit for index or statistics key column list is 32

Earlier I wrote an article where I demonstrated that an index with more than 16 column is not possible. Here is the link to the article. After reading the same article I received email from user suggesting does it mean that statistics can be only created on only 16 columns.…
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SQL SERVER – Solution – Puzzle – Statistics are not Updated but are Created Once

Earlier I asked puzzle why statistics are not updated. Read the complete details over here: Statistics are not Updated but are Created Once In the question I have demonstrated even though statistics should have been updated after lots of insert in the table are not updated.(Read the details SQL SERVER –…
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