SQL SERVER – New Way to Use DBCC Page in SQL Server 2019

As soon as a new version of SQL Server is announced, I always try to find new things and update my old post with new information or write a new post. In this blog, we would learn about new function introduced in SQL Server 2019 which is a partial replacement of DBCC PAGE.
If you have not heard about the capability of DBCC PAGE then you can look at my earlier blog on the same topic. SQL SERVER – Identifying Page Types

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SQL SERVER – Identify Version of SQL Server from Backup File

One question I always ask all of my customers before I start Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check is that if they have taken backup of their server. The answer to this question honestly does not matter to me during consultancy I never change anything which brings to the situation where they need to restore the database. However, when I asked this question to my client, they said they have an issue to identify a version of SQL Server from the backup file.

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SQL SERVER – How to View the Dirty Pages In Memory of a Database?

I always get an opportunity to talk on topics that are basic from time to time. As I was preparing for GIDS 2015 (Great Indian Developer Summit) this year, I was vividly remembering one of the conversations I had with an attendee last year at our Pluralsight booth. Most of these conversations are forgotten, but this one was unique. During this conversation, the attendee was trying to learn the basics and was curious to listen to me. I always get carried away and spend quite some time with folks who are eager to learn. In this context, I was talking how RDBMS’s use the concept of Write-Ahead Transaction Log for maintaining ACID properties. The response I got was interesting – “Hey Pinal, is there a way to know which of the pages in memory are currently dirty? Do you know how to get this?”

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