SQL SERVER – Cannot open backup device. Operating system error 1326 (Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.)

There might be various reasons for above error, but this case is very specific to a situation where SQL Server was installed on a machine which was in Workgroup whereas the backup destination was the server located in the domain. Here is the error message seen in SQL Agent job history. Let us learn about how to fix Operating system error 1326.

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SQL SERVER – FIX Error 5120 – Database is in Read Only Mode After Attaching Files

Sometimes you need to know more about permissions on file, service account etc. to fix certain errors. In my recent visit to a customer location, one of the database developers came to me with a problem. He said that when he attaches MDF and LDF file to the SQL instance, attach is successful, but the issue was next to database name it was saying read-only. Let us see how we can FIX Error 5120.

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SQL SERVER – Database Backup and Restore Job Management

ApexSQL Backup is a tool for Microsoft SQL Server, intended for database backup and restore job management. The application supports all native SQL Server backups (full, differential and transaction log backups), and allows users to easily create, save and manage all backup related jobs. ApexSQL Backup can be used to run, schedule and monitor all backup operations across the domain from a single location.

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