SQL SERVER – Startup Issue – Unable to Use Domain Account as Service Account When Read Only Domain Controller (RODC) is Involved

Recently, one of my client was trying to troubleshoot the below error which they were getting while trying to start the SQL Server service under the domain account. The interesting thing which they told me was that they are using Read Only Domain Controller (RODC) which I have heard earlier as well. Initially they told that they had an issue with installation when service account was used so they used LocalSystem account and installed SQL Server. But now, as per company standards, they need to use a domain account as the service account.

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SQL SERVER – Migrating AlwaysOn Availability Group to New AD Domain

As a part of my independent consulting, I also provide a high level overview of the migration strategy. As a part of this engagement, my client wanted me to provide steps to move AlwaysOn availability group from DomainOld to DomainNew. This was happening because they were acquired by another company and they need to migrate all assets to a new domain.

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SQL Domain Controller – Interview Question of the Week #072

This blog is an outcome of questions asked by my client and answer provided to them after doing a lot of searches on the internet. I am very confident that sooner or later, these questions will show up in interview questions and answers. Let us understand about the SQL Domain Controller.

Q1. Can I install SQL Server on a domain controller?
Answer: This is no restriction in SQL Server setup which would block the installation of SQL Server on Domain Controller. So, yes – it can be installed.

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