SQL SERVER – 2005 – Use of Non-deterministic Function in UDF – Find Day Difference Between Any Date and Today

While writing few articles about SQL Server DataTime I accidentally wrote User Defined Function (UDF), which I would have not wrote usually. Once I wrote this function, I did not find it very interesting and decided to discard it. However, I suddenly noticed use of Non-Deterministic function in the UDF.…
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SQL SERVER – Validate Field For DATE datatype using function ISDATE()

This article is based on the a question from Jr. Developer at my company. He works with the system, where we import CSV file in our database. One of the fields in the database is DATETIME field. Due to architecture requirement, we insert all the CSV fields in the temp table which has all the fields VARCHAR. We validate all the data first in temp table (check for inconsistency, malicious code, incorrect data type) and if passed validation we insert them in the final table in the database. Let us learn about ISDate function in this blog post.

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